Personalized Journeys…

Unique Tours around San Miguel De Allende

We are a small but highly personalized guide service, in business since 1992, with an insider’s view of San Miguel de Allende and the surrounding “Bajio” area. We’re happy to plan a memorable day (or days) for you and we’re also delighted to have you tell us what you are most interested in seeing.

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Personalized Journeys


Knowledge of Mexico

We’d like to take you on a thoroughly seductive tour of the Mexico of long ago; places and people that most visitors never see in their rush to see it all. We’ve had a love affair with Mexico since fourth-grade geography class and there is nothing that would please us more than to share with you our love, admiration and knowledge of Mexico.


We’ve all experienced the feeling of exhilaration and renewed energy when returning from a successful vacation. Our philosophy is that nothing is as stimulating and enriching as discovering new cultures, people, art, cuisine and hidden away places. The luxury of time is not always available to us when traveling so we tend to “see” and “do” what others have recommended.

Journey in SMA

Walking tours are a great way to start your exploration of San Miguel. With Easy or Moderate options there’s a fun way for everyone to learn about the history, architecture and best shops and restaurants.

Outside of SMA

Elegant colonial cities, elaborate theatres or magical Pozos, there is much to be explored around San Miguel de Allende. Join us for an insiders view of the best of Guanajuato.


Personalized Journeys…

About Helene Kahn

One cold and snowy day in Michigan our fourth grade geography class began a chapter on Mexico and it was the beginning, for me, of a lifelong love affair with this magical country. Even now the very word Mexico seems exotic to me. I came to San Miguel for what I thought was going to be a one year vacation and to get Mexico “out of my system”. It is now twenty two years later and I’m still on “vacation”. About twenty years ago I started my tour business based on the philosophy of wanting everyone to know, appreciate and love Mexico as I do. I think I’ve been very successful in doing just that based on what my clients tell me after taking a tour with me.

My tours are mainly in the States of Guanajuato, Michoacan, Queretaro and Jalisco. Many of my tours can be especially focused for people that are collectors of folk art, photographers or those that are fascinated with history and architecture. However all tours touch on most of these subjects. I’m always interested in what my clients most want to see and do and the tours start from there, however, Mexico is full of surprises and I’m always open to sharing them. You can be sure that I know where all the best bathrooms, bakeries and restaurants are located…What more could you possibly want of a tour guide?


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